RAZER Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

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  • Brand: Razer
  • Senzor: Laserski
  • Povezivanje: USB
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RAZER Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

RAZER Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Product description

Razer Taipan

 Highly Venomous
The RAZER Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse, a choice gaming mouse amongst professional gamers, has been upgraded with a powerful new sensor in its sleek body. The 8200dpi 4G laser sensor offers exceptional tracking precision with zero interpolation for high-performance wired gameplay.
The Pro-Gamer’s Choice
“I like so many different things about this mouse, from the reliable performance to the accurate tracking, but the comfort definitely takes the crown. I didn't think an ambidextrous mouse would be more comfortable than an ergonomic one, but Razer managed to nail it. The mouse is fairly light and I noticed my average score in games go up after switching. After daily use for several months, it still looks and performs like it is brand new.” - Steven “Korok” Ashworth Team Liquid | Dota 2
Improved ambidextrous ergonomics
Designed with extensive feedback from professional gamers, the RAZER Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse ambidextrous form suits a wide variety of grip styles and hand sizes. Whether you’re right-handed or a south-paw; use claw, palm or fingertip-grip, this mouse stays firmly in hand and comfortably so for extended periods of gaming
Hyperesponse buttons
From Razer’s very first gaming mouse to now, our mice buttons are designed to be hair-trigger sensitive. This means as soon as you think it, your finger has already mouse clicked it. Utilizing highly durable micro switches, there is a pronounced tactile feedback to your fingertips with each actuation, so you get the absolute assurance that you’re winning with precision
8200dpi 4G laser sensor
The Razer Taipan is outfitted with the most advanced and configurable sensor yet, the all-new 8200dpi 4G laser sensor. It tracks so precisely, you always hit targets exactly where you need to. It can also be calibrated to your specific surface, and has adjustable cut-off to lift-off tracking, empowering you with more tournament-grade control than ever before.
Green LED lighting
The Razer Taipan features bright green lighting on the mouse scroll wheel and Triple-Headed Snake logo.
Side buttons for more ways to kill
Whether you’re left- or right-handed, buttons have been strategically placed on either side of the Razer Taipan that can be easily programmed and actuated to execute any command, skill, macro to put you ahead of the competition.
Razer Synapse enabled
Enhance your Razer Taipan experience with Synapse, Razer’s hardware configurator with online cloud support. From sensitivity to lift-off tracking to surface calibration, you’ll be able to customize every detail. Better still, this data is saved in the cloud, so you can play your way wherever you are. Razer Synapse keeps your Taipan in peak performance via automatic driver and firmware updates so you’ll be on top of your game, all the time.

Oznaka uređaja: RAZER Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
Karakteristike: 4G Dual Sensor System (laserski i optički senzor)
Ambidexterous dizajn pogodan za desnu i levu ruku
Razer Synapse 2.0 je omogućen
Pozlaćen USB konektor
Senzor: Laserski
Rezolucija: 8200dpi
Odziv (polling rate): 1ms/1000Hz
Brzina praćenja: 200 IPS
Ubrzanje: 50 G
Broj tastera: 9
Dizajn: Simetričan
Konekcija: USB
Podržani operativni sistemi: Windows, Mac
Boja miša: Crna
Dimenzije: 124 x 63 x 36 mm
Garancija: 2 Godine

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